1. Group Round
The group will be ranked in the following order:

If there are 3 teams above (1)-(4) with exactly the same items, should replay COUNT UP, the winner goes further.

2. Number of rounds:

701/15 rounds , 501/15 rounds , 301/10 rounds , Cricket/15 rounds

3. The draw for start the game,next draw
4. Bust Rules
① Group Round Robin will contain following bust rules

◆ When each group completes the group round-robin, the contestant data will be checked.

② Single elimination tournament will contain following disqualification system
③ Other information
The organizer has the right to be disqualified or suspended for the event, if the players occur to bellow behaviors:
Bellow behaviors will deprive award qualification and ban the competition forever:
Event images, image rights statement:

he organizer has the right to use player’s photo, image, voice and resume while players should coordinate interviews and photography.


Please pay attention to the Competition’s details update via Official Website.